Selasa, 21 Agustus 2007

[ EPL News ] Rob Styles mengakui kesalahannya yang fatal

Selasa, 21 Agustus 2007

Dikutip dari liverpoolfc.tv, wasit Rob Styles yang memberikan penalti kontroversial pada Chelsea pada pertandingan bigmatch melawan Liverpool akhirnya mengakui kesalahannya dalam memberikan keputusan. Dan atas kesalahanya, Rob dikeluarkan dari list wasit dalam pertandingan EPL minggu depan. Berikut kutipannya :

Paul Eaton 20 August 2007
Rob Styles has been dropped from next weekend's Barclays Premier League refereeing list after his penalty blunder at Anfield on Sunday.
Styles has admitted he made an error in awarding Chelsea a second half penalty which allowed them to draw level after Fernando Torres had given Liverpool the lead.

Referees chief Keith Hackett has now confirmed Styles will be given next weekend off following the fall out from the controversial decision.

"I spoke to Rob this morning and obviously he is extremely disappointed with the decision and admitted he got it wrong. I have left a message with Rafael Benitez to apologise," said Hackett.

"Having looked at a video and seen a better angle and a better view, clearly he (Styles) now recognises that he got it wrong and he's deeply apologetic for that. I think, in fact, he too will be making contact with Liverpool in order to offer his apologies."

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